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Driver Error

Despite the increased size and impact of truck accidents, truck drivers often drive recklessly. They often drive drowsy to reach mileage goals set by their companies and may be operating their truck while under the influence or while distracted

Poorly Maintained Trucks

Trucks are often driven thousands of miles per week and if they are not properly cared for, they can become dangerous quickly. While worn brake pads or a cracked windshield must be dealt with if they occur on smaller vehicles, they can be the cause of a major traffic accident on a truck

Equipment Failure

Defective parts on a truck may not be the fault of the driver, but they can turn deadly. Your attorney will be able to tell if a trucking company or manufacturer may be liable for your accident in addition to the truck driver.

Loading the beds of commercial trucks must be done carefully and in accordance with the law. If they are loaded improperly, the contents on the truck may spill out onto the road and cause accidents and injuries.

Distracted driving

It is becoming more common today for drivers to be distracted by smart phones while driving. The urge to check social media and to text while driving often is a deadly one. Other common reasons for distracted driving are adjusting the radio, talking to passengers, eating and drinking

Fatigued driving

Many fatal head on collisions happen at night when drivers are driving beyond their physical limits. Tired drivers can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers

Driving too fast for conditions:

When weather and/or visibility deteriorates, the driver must slow down to maintain control of the vehicle. DWI Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is the most common factor for head on crashes.

Ignoring stop signs and red lights

All drivers are responsible for following all traffic laws; when they don’t, terrible head on crashes can occur. All of situations involve negligence on the part of the driver, and it is possible to file an accident claim or personal injury lawsuit to recover damages. A personal injury lawyer will be able to determine which best suites your truck accident. A semi truck hitting a passenger vehicle can cause devastating personal injuries. When fault lies with the truck driver, a sizable personal injury settlement is possible. A truck accident lawyer will be able to give you an idea of the value after looking at their insurance policy


Generally, truck accident settlements often reflect larger dollar amounts because of the insurance requirements for commercial carriers, and the frequent multiple commercial entities involved in the liability claim. Also, all US tractor trailer drivers are professionals who must have extensive training to hold a commercial driver’s license or CDL. To hold a CDL, truckers must carefully stick to safety regulations that are intended to protect the American public. Truckers are held to a higher standard than regular drivers. For instance, there are a maximum number of hours that truckers may drive on a given day. If they exceed those hours and hurt someone in an accident, criminal penalties can result, as well as personal injury liability. Truck drivers are required to drive in a more cautious manner because they have a CDL. They also must exercise caution in adverse weather conditions. After a serious truck accident, a police and legal investigation frequently uncovers evidence that the company and/or the driver failed to follow various state and federal rules. If the evidence indicates that the semi driver and company cut corners, juries often do not look upon these situations favorably when it comes time to render a verdict. You will need a personal injury lawyer with experience in truck accidents to maximize your settlement



✔Free Case Evaluation

✔Attorney Referral Service

✔Attorney Referral Service